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Mary Mercy



Mary and Grace Mercy were sisters who resided in Long Island, New York, with their unidentified parents, who would eventually be their first victims. They hid their parents bodies in the downstairs storage bin in their apartment building. Mary and her twisted sister continued killing, primarily those that upset them, such as a rival school’s soccer star player and a nosey delivery boy who looked inside of one of their deliveries, stashing the bodies in the barn of their family's Southampton summer residence. Their absence from school was noticed, and when the administrator Sarah Moreels, came to investigate their absences; Grace killed her with a hockey stick, while Mary casually watched in the background. The sisters killed again to obtain tickets to rock star Killer Dick’s concert, whereupon they were invited backstage and ended up in his limousine. Upon learning that he was married with three children, they killed him. A substantial reward was offered for their arrest, gaining the attention of the mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson). Enamored by the prospect of killing a “super hero,” the sisters crashed their cars into Deadpool simultaneously; however, Mary forgot to buckle her seatbelt and was mortally wounded. They fled to their summer home where Mary was euthanized by Grace.




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