Massdriver was a virtual powerhouse, and one of the mightiest members of the Luminals, so it was no surprise when she was one of the few sent after the A.W.O.L. teammate of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax. However, a short battle within the walls of Knowhere, left Massdriver with dislocated limbs and a trip to the infirmary.

The appearance of The Fault gave way to the Luminals agreeing to cooperate with the Guardians of the Galaxy to explore and contain whatever evils may be lurking inside. Instead of waiting for the Guardians, a small group, including Massdriver, journeyed into The Fault, and when they returned, Massdriver was changed. She mercilessly attacked Moondragon, and once she caught the telepath, her head split open to reveal an entity of some kind which apparently latched on to her from inside The Fault. The damage done by this monstrous creature was too severe to repair, and Massdriver expired.








Orange tendrils

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