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Master Hate is an abstract cosmic being who embodies hatred. His true origins or how he came to exist is a mystery. Master Hate first appeared to humans when he joined forces with other cosmic entities in order to stop Thanos, who had gained control of the Infinity Gauntlet. Among those cosmic entities was his counterpart Mistress Love. During the battle that ensued Thanos managed to turn the cosmic beings into statues. However, when Nebula gained control of the gauntlet, the entities were restored to their true forms and attacked Nebula hopping to wrest the gauntlet from her grip. Nebula, however, gained too much power and stopped the entities once more. Later during the battle, Adam Warlock managed to gain control of the gauntlet and set reality straight.

Another meeting of cosmic entities was called in order to decide if Warlock would be able to keep the gauntlet. Master Hate and Mistress Love attended the hearing and watched the outcome. The gauntlet was split up into the original Infinity Gems. After the hearing Hate parted ways with Love.

Soon Mistress Love came into contact with a girl who had fallen in love with the Silver Surfer and granted her cosmic powers in order to be his equal. In doing so Love created Avatar, who would be Love's new avatar. However Master Hate watched from a distance and offered Avatar more power if she became his newest avatar as well. She accepted and became even more powerful. Avatar then confronted the Surfer and tried to force him to love her. However the Surfer was able to subdue her and place her in a pocket dimension. There she still waits for Master Hate and Mistress Love.

Some time later, Thanos again gained immense cosmic power when he took control of the Heart of the Infinites. Hate, alongside other cosmic entities again battled him, but to no avail. The band of cosmic entities was soon waylayed by Thanos' might. Victorious, Thanos destroyed the universe. But, he had a change of heart and recreated it and everyone in it, including Master Hate. Master Hate's current whereabouts are unknown.









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