Mastermind (Martinique Jason)

Martinique WyngardeMastermind



Daughter of the mutant terrorist Brotherhood's Mastermind, Martinique Wyngrade hoped to use her powers to emulate her late father. Her sister Regan had similar powers and both women carried on a sibling rivalry as to which one would be the true heir to Mastermind's identity. Allied with the assassin Arcade, Martinique lured Gambit and Wolverine into a virtual trap reality trap, seeking to drive them mad by making it appear that Wolverine had murdered five London woman a la Jack the Ripper. Upon learning Arcade had actually murdered the women, intending Wolverine to be the scapegoat, Master angrily turned on her partner, claiming she had never wanted blood on her hands. After trapping Arcade within his own mental prison, Mastermind fled. She resurfaced in Manhattan, occupying one of Arcade's abandoned lairs. after testing its equipment against Daredevil, she escaped once again. Martinique then teamed with Mystique in an elaborate ruse, allowing herself to be captured by mutant hero Banshee. Banshee believed he was forcing Martinique to use her powers to alter the behavior of the villainous members of his paramilitary X-Corps. Mastermind was eventually freed by Mystique, but their partnership ended just before Mystique struck down Banshee. After M-Day, Martinique was found in San Fransisco transforming it and its residents into how it all would be back in 1969. Soon, the X-Men show up to investigate the matter. Emma Frost tracks the source of the transformed city to Martinique and defeats her. Martinique barely manages to escape. Shortly afterwards, she is found by a mysterious woman and asked to join a new group, the Sisterhood of Mutants.




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