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In Reality-982, May Parker, the infant daughter of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and his wife, Mary Jane, was kidnapped by Norman Osborn’s agent Alison Mongrain. Osborn cloned the child, but Kaine (a flawed clone of Peter) rescued the Parker child. Undeterred, Osborn initiated Project Changeling, altering the growing clone’s DNA with material from the alien Venom symbiote. Osborn intended to activate it and replace the Parker child after a few years, but died in battle with Peter Parker before doing so. After Osborn died, the clone continued to mature in stasis, but was forgotten until Philippe Dejunae, a member of Osborn’s Cabal of Scrier, discovered it. Dejunae arranged for Norman’s grandson, Normie, to discover and accidentally activate the clone. When the vigilante Araña abducted May Parker and use her mystical powers to switch bodies to attack South American crime-lord Tarantula (Fabian LaMuerto), the clone, believing she was the original May, took her place within the Parker family. The clone also took to adventuring as Spider-Girl, until May (in Araña’s body) tracked her down and attacked her, only for the mind-transference to wear off in mid-battle.




119 lbs.


Blue (variable)


Brown (variable)

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