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Marvel Television and Freeform Set Cast for ‘Marvel’s New Warriors’

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Marvel Television and Freeform Set Cast for ‘Marvel’s New Warriors’

Cast ft. Milana Vayntrub, Derek Theler, Jeremy Tardy, Calum Worthy, Matthew Moy, & Kate Comer

Freeform Announces Characters for ‘Marvel’s New Warriors’

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Freeform Announces Characters for ‘Marvel’s New Warriors’

Find out who made the cast of Marvel Television's first live action comedy and see custom comic art!

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When Dwayne Taylor turned eighteen years old, he became the sole proprietor of the Taylor Foundation. The Taylor Foundation became the first corporation willing to match pharmaceutical salaries for cancer research. Dwayne Taylor himself searched out the best microbiologists. It was Zachary Smith who reached the headlines supposedly discovering a bacteria that prevented dairy products from spoiling.

Within two months, Zachary Smith, after being grabbed by Dwayne Taylor, was making major headlines with his discovery of bacteria that fed off Cancer cells alone. With the Taylor Foundation skyrocketing, it was not longer after that they had learned the secret of Zachary Smith’s success.

It turned out that his dairy had spoiled as soon as it left his sight, and that his cure to cancer was a complete failure, and in some cases, fatal.

As it turned out, Zachary’s son was a mutant that was capable of talking to germs, and had “spoken” to the germs to do his father’s bidding, doing so unconsciously. Zachary refuses to believe it as the truth and immediately fled to a small lab in the Scottish Highlands where he swore he would never see his son again, and that he would prove to the world that they were wrong.

Dwayne had eventually sought out Zachary and found him dead. As it turned out, Zachary had tried his “cancer eating bacteria” on himself. Without his son there to tell them what to do, they did what came naturally and it led to Zachary’s demise. So at the age of seventeen, Zachary’s son was orphaned.

An orphan himself at a young age, Dwayne took him in and trained him on how to control and use his mutant powers, adopting the name Microbe.

Microbe eventually joined the New Warriors himself, when a television show began to broadcast them as a “reality show.” As a part of the New Warriors, Microbe fought against foes such as: Tiger Shark, Armadillo, Red Ghost’s Super Apes, Terrax, as well as the Corruptor.

Recently the New Warriors faced off against Nitro, Coldheart, Speedfreek, and Cobalt Man. During this scuffle Microbe managed to take down Cobalt Man, and watched as Namorita tried to take down a fleeing Nitro. However as Nitro was slammed against a school bus, he activated his power and caused a massive explosion, killing the New Warriors and everyone around that area. Microbe was caught in the blast with his fellow New Warriors and was killed.




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