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Calvin Montgomery RankinMimic



Calvin Rankin was born in Passiac, New Jersey on Earth-5700. Calvin's father experimented on Calvin at an early age which gave him his extraordinary powers. Calvin's father was then killed in an avalanche caused by villagers of a nearby town.

Years later while in college, Calvin's powers began to manifest themselves when he came near the X-Men. He was first very stubborn and head strong and fought against the X-Men, but he eventually joined to team. However this didn't last long due to his combative nature and he eventually was kicked off the team.

Years later after the Sentinels started to rule the Earth he joined Sabretooth's Brotherhood of Mutants. During his time with them the team met a newer version of the X-Men led by Wolverine. During this meeting Magneto revealed himself to the world again. however they were soon attacked by Sentinels. It is not known what happened to Calvin after or during the battle which followed.


6'2" (Variable)


225 lbs. (Variable)





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