Mimic (Earth-58163)

Calvin Montgomery RankinMimic



Not much is known about the origins of Calvin Rankin. All that is really known is that he received his powers from an experiment caused by his father, Ronald Rankin. Another aspect of his life which is known is that he received military training and became a mercenary or government agent. Magneto and the mutants of Earth-58163 had recently achieved control of the island of Genosha, causing a great upheaval in the United States. After the death of his friend by mutant assassin Sabretooth, Graydon Creed assigned Nuke, Agent Barnes, and Calvin to infiltrate and destroy Genosha, Magento, and all the mutants on the island. Calvin, Nuke, and Barnes traveled to Genosha where Calvin blocked out the telepathic powers of Charles Xavier before copying the multiple powers of the vast number of mutants on the island in order to allow Barnes to sneak in and plant bombs throughout the island. The whereabouts of Calvin afterward are unknown.


6'2" (Variable)


225 lbs. (Variable)


Brown (Variable)


Brown (Variable)

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