Mind-Wave (Erik Gelden)

Erik GeldenMind-Wave



Possessing psionic powers amplified by his helmet, Mind-Wave is a formidable Super Criminal and worldwide bank robber. He raids banks with the help of his gang of ESPer-Ts and prefers looting to fighting, but will rise up to battle if he has to do so.

Erik Gelden

Erik Gelden becomes the megalomaniac criminal who uses his mental abilities and technological gadgets to rob banks across Europe and America. His preferred moniker is Mind-Wave.

Mind Control

Mind-Wave has natural psionic powers which are amplified by his high-tech helmet. He uses this knowledge for counter-attack measures, and outfits his goons, the Esper-Ts, with similar helmets to communicate with them.

Mind-Wave pilots a heavily armored vehicle that is controlled by his psionic powers. The vehicle is a titanium-steel destructoid and a rampaging juggernaut called, The Think Tank which is equipped with a ray gun. When out of his Think Tank, he carries a handheld gun that fires a similar ray as his Think Tank. Mind-Wave can handle his own against Daredevil in hand-to-hand combat and uses his mind to control his Tank’s ray gun when he needs further assistance.

No Good Do-Gooders

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, or the Scarlet-Clown to Mind-Wave, is an expensive inconvenience when he disrupts Mind-Wave’s plans to rob New York City banks worth $3.5M. Daredevil is assisted by another telepath, Uri Gellar from Israel, who tangled with Mind-Wave in Europe. The two defeat Mind-Wave and destroy his Think Tank.

Mind-Wave comes up against The Scourge of the Underworld when he is on a killing spree, ending only costumed criminals. The battle does not last long and Mind-Wave dies quickly alongside the other Super Villains.

Criminal Ties

The ESPers or Esper-Ts are a gang of criminal assistants to Mind-Wave’s lucrative looting pursuits. He outfits them with similar costumes to his own. Though they are easily defeated by Daredevil and Uri Gellar.

Gary Gilbert, a former Super Villain turned business agent for costumed criminals, contacted Mind-Wave when the Scourge of the Underworld was killing off their brethren.

The Hood, a Kingpin of Crime, invokes the power of Dormammu to resurrect Mind-Wave and the other Super Villains killed by Scourge. He tells Mind-Wave and the others that Scourge is actually Frank Castle, aka Punisher, but it’s a terrible trick that leads to his second death.

Rap Sheet

When Daredevil disrupts Mind-Wave’s attack against New York City, Mind Wave sent his Esper-Ts after him, but they were not physically matched. Mind-Wave used his mind-controlled Think Tank to cause a distraction and threaten the lives of civilians. Mind-Wave’s endgame was to loot the area and move on, as he did in countless countries.

Meanwhile Daredevil teamed up with Uri Gellar, a mentalist who went up against Mind-Wave in Europe. Though separated, Mind-Wave faced Daredevil again in hand-to-hand combat as his Esper-Ts looted nearby banks for $350M and jewels. He anticipated his moves easily and disabled Daredevil with Think Tank’s laser beam that locked his mind in place. Uri caught up to the fight and having shielded his thoughts from Mind-Wave, he went undetected and caught him unawares, freeing Daredevil in the process.

Uri and Daredevil battled the Esper-Ts in the bank and while Uri was distracted by an ambush upon Daredevil, Mind-Wave struck from behind. Facing both Uri and Daredevil, Mind-Wave was quickly captured and his Think Tank destroyed.

Mind-Wave later attended a meeting at the Bar with No Name in Ohio organized by the former costumed criminal Gary Gilbert, aka Firebrand to address a killing spree conducted by the assassin Scourge of the Underworld. Scourge was taking out Super Villains, and the group gathered to determine how best to protect themselves. The Scourge though was a master of disguise and attended the meeting as the bartender. Shortly into the start of the meeting, he revealed himself, and killed every single criminal in attendance including Mind-Wave, 17 in total.

Years later, The Hood resurrected Mind-Wave and the others to take out Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Mind-Wave expressed doubts about being alive again, but joined the fight with the other revived costumed criminals as fellow villain Mirage disguised them all as the Avengers. Though the Punisher killed him shortly thereafter and boobytrapped his body with a bomb that exploded as his friends arrived.