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Watch Damon Lindelof on 'Marvel Presents: The World's Greatest Book Club with Paul Scheer'

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The Miracle Man was a performer who used amazing powers to dazzle his audiences with feats of strength and magic. At one such show, the Fantastic Four were in the audience and the Miracle Man mocked them, claiming that his powers were much greater than theirs. The Thing got upset at this and the Miracle Man challenged him to a show of strength. He provided two thick logs, and directed the Thing to break one of his choosing in half. The Thing did, after pounding it with his fists three times. But the Miracle Man did it in one try, with a single finger. He even dared the Thing to hit him, and so Ben did, but the Thing couldn’t hurt him even at full force.

After this show of power, the Miracle Man decided to unleash his plan to take over the world. He used his powers to bring to life a giant monster, movie display. Then he sent a note to the police commissioner, declaring war on the human race. The monster went on to steal a million dollars worth of gems from a jewelry store, but before it could, Mister Fantastic appeared and stopped the monster. Though when Reed’s head was turned, the Miracle Man knocked him out and took the monster away with him. He later sent the monster after the military’s new atomic tank, but the Human Torch quickly burned the monster down to its wood and plaster components. But the Miracle Man put out the Torch’s flame with chemical foam, and stopped a rampaging Thing before stealing the Atomic Tank and escaping.

The Invisible Girl came after him, but a barking dog alerted the Miracle Man to her presence before she could strike. He mesmerized her and forced her to fire a flare gun to bring the rest of the Fantastic Four. When they arrived he turned a giant key into a gun and fired at Reed, but the Thing jumped in front to save him. The Mircale Man soon escaped in the atomic tank, but the Torch flew ahead of him and blinded him with a bright flash of fire. Beaten, he was captured by the Fantastic Four, and Reed revealed that his power was merely a strong form of hypnotism with which he fooled people into believing he could create miracles. In the end it was revealed that the Torch’s flame had destroyed his hypnotic abilities, rendering him powerless.




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