Mister Fantastic (Mad Thinker's android)

Android AMister Fantastic



The Mad Thinker created a series of androids to defeat and replace the Fantastic Four, all of which had the powers of the originals. The android made to look like Mister Fantastic waited with his android wife until the android Human Torch and android Thing took over their own counterparts. Then the Thinker ordered him and the Invisible Girl’s android to ambush and replace their originals. After the real Reed and Sue parted, the android Sue followed the original into a clothing store while Reed’s android waited at a specific corner for his victim.

The Thinker had predicted the true Mister Fantastic’s arrival down to the second, and soon a car containing Reed sped by. The android stretched his own arms and pulled his likeness right through the car’s window, smashing it and wrapping him up in the android’s pliable limbs. But after a fight in an alleyway, the real Mister Fantastic defeated his copy and in an ironic reversal, replaced him and traveled to the Baxter Building to stop the Mad Thinker’s plans and return him to the authorities.


6'1" (variable)


180 lbs.




Brown, graying at temples

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