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As a teenager, Alan Fagan rejected his Girlfriend , Cora Tremmore, after their daughter Ariel’s birth. After his fathers death he squandered wealth and scholarship but when his uncle, Larry Cranston (Mister Fear), faked his own death, Cranston’s Mister Fear paraphernalia was deeded to Fagan. Fancying himself as a mastermind, the new fear stole a dangerous isotope from cross technological industries guarded by Hawkeye. Temporarily unnerved by Fagan’s chemicals, Hawkeye regained his senses and with the help of Spider-Man tracked and defeated Fagan.

Fagan later hired an unidentified chemist to extend his repertoire with pheromones that attracted women. After a chance meeting with Daily Bugle’s Betty Brant, he manipulated her into luring Spider-Man into a trap, but both Spider-Man and Brant overcame his influence while Fagan seemingly feel towards his death.

Fagan resurfaced in the “Inner Circle” of the New Enforcers, a criminal unit employed by the Foreigner and possibly Hydra that fought Spider-Man. Imprisoned , Fagan was attacked and his face was skinned by inmates who were bribed by his abandoned daughter , Ariel Tremmore, now a teenager. Using Fagan’s skin, Ariel mutated herself to dispatch fear pheromones directly. As Shock she committed robberies to fiancé medical support for her ailed mother but was soon defeated by Daredevil. Meanwhile, Fagan recovered from the attack, leaving his with a skull like face. Fagan was sent to the Vault and fell in with Crossfire’s crew. During this time , Cranston resurfaced and resumed the Mr. Fear identity, plotting vengeance against Daredevil. Escaping Fagan was giving given armor by the Tinkerer and was used as a pawn against the heroes in Nick Fury’s Secret War. Sent to the Raft and escaped in Electro’s Breakout. Even though Cranston was still using the Fear identity, Fagan fought the U-Foes with Crossfire’s crew. But when Spider-Man defeated Fear and Crossfire and the rest left him behind, he testified against his teammates and remains in custody.




165 lbs




Brown (sometimes dyed silver)

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