Although Mogol lived among the many subjects of Tyrannus, he always felt alone. Eventually he was asked to go to the surface world and confront the Hulk. It was Tyrannus' hope that Mogol could trick his enemy into joining his subterranean army, but upon hearing Tyrannus' name, the Hulk attacked. Surprised the green behemoth was his equal in power, Mogol fought to be his friend. He hadn’t felt a kinship to anyone in his long years of servitude, and Mogol wanted desperately to have someone to identify with. Tired of others hounding and hunting him, Hulk chose friendship too. Mogol and Hulk worked hard to ready Tyrannus' army, ultimately leading them in battle against the Mole Man. Mogol was shot with a heat ray that tore open his arm, revealing him to be a robot. Hulk thought robots were incapable of friendship, and despite Mogol's professed feelings of said emotion, Hulk tore him apart. Mogol offered no resistance and was subsequently destroyed. Afterward, Hulk felt he may have been wrong for smashing someone who could have truly been his friend.




759 lbs.


White with no iris or pupil



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