Morris Walters

Morris Walters

Sheriff Morris Walters is a dedicated lawman who seeks justice for those wronged and has it out for She-Hulk when she first emerges as a seemingly savage killer.



Los Angeles County Sheriff Morris Walters has a strong sense of right and justice, which he passes onto his daughter Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk. However, he doesn’t know about her alter ego for some time and sees She-Hulk as a savage green monster whom he believes is a murderer.


Nose for Crime

After receiving a law degree from UCLA, Morris “Moe” Walters becomes a deputy police officer in LA. He investigates famous film actor and teenager James David after he hit someone with his car while inebriated. However, David is released and subsequently falls into a chasm that opens during an earthquake, never to be seen by Walters again.

Walters moves on and eventually rises the ranks to Sheriff of LA. He marries Elaine Banner and together they have one daughter, Jennifer whom he lovingly calls Jenny and who grows up to become the Super Hero and Avenger She-Hulk. After his wife Elaine is apparently killed in a car collision with another driver but Walters would learn that it had been an attempt on his life by mob boss Nick Trask. Sheriff Walters pours himself into his work, attempting to keep himself from going mad while Jen studies law, driving herself to reach the top.


Law and Order

Walters is a capable Sheriff who believes in law and order. He understands the inner workings of the law and what he can and can’t do in his position. He can use firearms and weaponry to hit a target, and when frustrated, has a temper.


Against the Law

Underworld leader Nicholas Trask is Sheriff Walters most persistent foe, seeing that he’s seemingly responsible for his wife’s death. Though he allies with him for a brief period when Trask gives him the means to defeat She-Hulk, whom he believes killed his daughter.


Boys in Blue and the Gal in Green

Sheriff Walters allies with his precinct as well as the city’s Assistant District Attorney Dennis “Buck” Bukowski and assigns the D.A.’s office to investigate criminal acts of violence.

Walters and his daughter Jen are close during her childhood, but he notices a change in her after she goes to law school to become a lawyer. Their relationship becomes more tense when she becomes She-Hulk, a fact she does not reveal to him. He eventually finds out the truth about her double life as the super-strong She-Hulk through her friends.

As for romantic relationships after his wife dies, Walters has a couple that stand out, namely his relationship with Beverly Cross, who encourages him to move on from his past life and sell his home (so she can reap the benefits). After that toxic relationship ends, he meets Louise Mason, AKA Blonde Phantom, a heroine during World War II, whom he falls in love with and she with him.


On Duty

After a car accident involving She-Hulk seemingly results in the death of his daughter Jen, Sheriff Walters has a one track mind: to capture the savage green monster and serve justice.

Gassed by mobster Nick Trask and taken to Trask’s office, Sheriff Walters awoke to a tempting offer. Trask offered him a weapon that could defeat She-Hulk, the monster that killed his daughter and he took it. With it, he faced off with She-Hulk, discharging the weapon and knocking her down. Zapper and A.D.A. Buck intervened with Zapper trying to de-escalate the situation. Furious that they were interrupting his vengeance, he struck them with his weapon. She-Hulk came to and threw a vehicle into a nearby wall, creating a hole that allowed Zapper and Buck to escape unscathed. She-Hulk grabbed the weapon from her father, gently threw him out of harm’s way, and ripped the weapon to pieces. When his daughter was discovered in the rubble, Zapper helped make excuses for her seeming death.

When Walters heard the news that Jen had taken Dr. Michael Morbius, AKA Morbius, the Living Vampire’s case, who was in suspected of mass murder, he chastised Jen for taking such a client. Little did he know that Buck had leaked the story to the news to put public pressure on Jen to quit before she ruined her career representing such a criminal.

When Buck gave Sheriff Walters new evidence that cleared She-Hulk’s involvement in the killing of Jill Stevens, the Sheriff realized that he couldn’t continue having his precinct search for her and called off the all-points bulletin. But suddenly, she was down below his office captured and knocked out by Manfred Haller, AKA Man-Elephant (later Behemoth), though she came to and defeated him.

After Jen agreed to purchase her family home from her father who had planned to sell, she canceled her payment and disappeared. Although, she attempted to relay the message through her father’s lady friend Bev, but Walters never got the message because Bev was more of a gold-digger than interested in family relationships. Feeling jilted, Walters shouted his frustration at Buck and called her a miserable opportunist. Furious, he ordered the D.A.’s office to institute legal action and get her disbarred.

Walters stormed his home hopping to find Jen only to find it in complete disarray and inhabited by Jen’s guests, Daniel “Zapper” Ridge and Richard Rory. He was even more furious and demanded to know where Jen was and Rory revealed the truth, that his daughter was in fact She-Hulk and that she needed his help. Rageful himself, Walters struck the poor boy for making such a terrible joke and he kicked them both out.

He didn’t hear from her for days and contemplated what had happened between them. As he rolled over his memories of her in his head, he didn’t accept that she was She-Hulk. Buck interrupted his thought process and arrived with an update on a case—a handful of felons were wiped out by an unknown culprit. Since his precinct was turning up zilch, Sheriff Walters asked Buck to have his office investigate. Walters suspected it was Nicholas Trask, the underworld leader that had his wife and Jen’s mother Elaine murdered. His frustration filled the room as did his voice when he barked at Buck to find out.

Later, at a Christmas party, Walters meets Louise Mason, the former crime-fighter circa WWII known as Blonde Phantom who later takes the name Weezi. Just like with his daughter, he didn’t realize that they were the same woman. It’s love at first sight for the both of them. When She-Hulk used a psychic alien Ovoid trick to contact Weezie for help, the encounter went awry and the pair swapped bodies. But Walters told her he loved her the way she was, which reverted her back to herself and returned Jen to her body.

Walters eventually found out what really killed his wife Elaine. Initially, Walters thought Trask caused the car crash that took her life, but it was just a drunk driver.