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Morrow was a member of the feline Mephitisoid race, he was cocky and self assured, with a creative streak. His exploits were unknown until he arrived on Earth with the newly formed Nova Corps consisting of Malik Tarcel of the Shi'ar, Irani Rael a Rigellian, Qubit a synthorganic being from a species called the Manufactured Harmonites and Fraktur, an alien female from the planet of Kakaranthara. The Worldmind was able to restart the Nova Corps without the knowledge of Richard Rider.

The new Corps members confronted a fraction of the villainous Serpent Society that had barricaded themselves inside a compound in Danzig, Ohio. The Serpent Society were holding several hostages. During the rescue of the hostages Morrow made quick of Anaconda. He would also battled Taboo and Dragon Man while on Earth.

Morrow and his allies quickly return to space and found themselves stationed on Nu-Xandar, which was Ego the Living planet. Ego had been monitoring the cosmic conflict known as the War of Kings, an epic battle between the Inhumans that had allied with the war ridden Kree, against the mighty Shi'ar that were led by the psychopathic mutant, Emperor Vulcan. Morrow along with a massive number of Nova Corpsmen were sent into the Gulf of Sarenta colonies to help keep down the number of casualties in this galaxy wide war.

After the massacre of Cohort 86 and surrender of Nova Prime, Malik Tarcel on the Kree planetoid of Nil-Rast, Robbie Rider and Qubit left the command base of Nu-Xandar to search for survivors on Nil-Rast. Morrow joined Richard Rider in the search for his younger brother. Their quest brought them into conflict with the New Inhuman Elite that were using Echo-Weapons that fired the voice of their king Black Bolt. The Elite was led by Triton of the Royal Family. This altercation was quickly squashed when Ra-Venn asked Triton and the others to stand down, after she realized that Richard Rider was among the intruders that they were battling. Marrow and Rider were allowed to continue their search for his brother in a medical station were the Kree had moved all the casualties of war. Marrow and Rider discovered the ravaged body of their automated friend Qubit, but Robbie was nowhere to be seen.

Triton later revealed to Morrow and Rider a shrine of Nova Corps helmets, after seeing the residual of this gross atrocity they believed that young Robbie had fell victim to an ugly death. The Worldmind (now appearing as a hologram image of Ko-Rel), was able to locate a Nova Centurion suit tracer in the main citadel of Kree-Lar. While following the signal Morrow, Rider and Irani, found what they called cosmic gateways into the Negative Zone. The trio soon encountered king Blastaar who was about to storm the citadel himself as a means to show Lord Ravenous who was the true power in the Negative Zone.







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