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Not much is known about Gilbert Lipchitz's past save for the fact that he had been using the name 'Mosh' since the year 1995. Using his superhuman strength, Mosh made a living as an independent criminal and managed to create and extensive criminal record. The last crime committed by Mosh was the act of raiding a liquor store in Bronx. Unfortunately this establishment was paying protection money for the crime lord Dennis Golembuski, commonly known among criminals as the Golem. Understanding that Mosh had no way of knowing this information, Golembuski called a meeting between himself and Gilbert two nights after the robbery. When entering the Golem's office, Gilbert was under the assumption that he was to be recruited and that Golembuski was still working for the Kingpin. Golembuski quickly explained the real reason behind their meeting and demanded that Mosh surrender seventy-five percent of the money stolen from the liquor store to him. When Gilbert refused to comply with this demand the Golem told to Mosh that in order for people to thrive others must die. Realizing that this was a death threat, Mosh remained confident that he was going to survive only to be swiftly killed by Golembuski's new associate, Madam Rapier. His mutilated remains were discovered in a dumpster by Manhattan Homicide as an example towards any supervillain who oppose the Golem.



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