Nagala is the descendant of Naga, who had for centuries ruled Lemuria and worn the Serpent Crown, magic item empowered by the Elder God Set. Though the original crown was destroyed, Nagala somehow obtained a new Serpent Crown. She allied with Attuma against Namor and the Defenders as part of "Deep Six". When the Defenders attacked Deep Six, Nagala successfully held off Dr. Strange with her Serpent Crown enhanced magic, but in a subsequent battle, Strange outmaneuvered the Lemurian with the help of his teammates Hellcat and the Silver Surfer, and the rest of Deep Six were quickly defeated. Strange confiscated Nagala's Serpent Crown before teleporting away, and Namor returned to the throne of Atlantis. Nagala later served as leader to the extremist group At'la'tique ("Fury of the Sea") and their agents Fathom Five, who targeted the reckless, environment damaging "Airlings" of the surface world; Nagala escaped capture when Atlantean troops attacked At'la'tique's formerly secret base.




175 lbs.




Green scales

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