Nahrees was among the seven young, Inhuman, children that were studying with Dinu, Neifi, Dewoz, Tonaja, Kalikya, and Telv. Together they would learn about the Inhuman's history and culture, however, Telv would be held back leaving only the six to graduate that year. Nahrees was paired up with Dinu during their studies. Despite Dinu being a particularly attractive child, Nahrees ignored his interest, thus making Tonaja particularly jealous of the pairing. On the night before Terrignesis Dwoz, Tonaja, and Kalikya spied on the cell of Black Bolt's insane brother Maximus the mad. Nahrees, Neifi, and Dinu found amusement in playing tricks on Lockjaw, jumping on him while he is sleeping and flicking his antenna to make him teleport them away.

The day of the Terrigenesis is a proud moment for many families, but a great shame for some others. The six graduates were escorted into the Terrigen Mists by the leader of the Genetics Council Carthus, while Black Bolt and the Royal family observed. Each youngster emerged from the mists changed due to the unlocking of their genetic abilities granting them strange new powers.

When a war orchestrated by Maximus breaks out between human forces and the Inhumans, Nahrees is inducted into the Royal Guard along with Tonaja and Dinu, training directly under Gorgon. Training was rough as Gorgon was one of the highest ranking officers in the Inhuman military. In the Royal Guard Nahrees and her peers fought on the front lines against the humans. When the call to retreat back into the city is made, Nahrees and her friends go back into the city with an injured Dinu. While attending to Dinu Nahrees manifested the ability to heal the wounds of others.

Later Nahrees has a short lived relationship with Jolen, and was selected to a small group of Inhumans sent to Earth to live amongst the humans.

After the crystals that generate the Terrigen Mists are stolen from the Inhumans by Quicksilver and later taken into possession by the American government, the Inhuman leader Black Bolt declares war on the human race. As a first strike against the humans Nahrees is sent to Earth with Jolen, Gorgon for a terroristic attack in New York. The Fantastic Four are called out to investigate and the group is apprehended and taken into custody by the ONE.









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