Virtually nothing was known about the past of the woman called the Native save that she was used as a test subject, code-named Feral, by scientists in the clandestine genetic research organization Weapon X, possibly at the same time that the mutant adventurer Wolverine was implanted with the metal Adamantium. At some point she escaped her captors and lived alone for years in the mountains of British Columbia in Canada, spending some of that time sharing a cabin with fellow escapee Wolverine.

Recently, an offshoot of the Weapon X Program hired the savage mutant Sabretooth, himself a former Weapon X experiment, to retrieve the Native. Sabretooth tracked her down, only for her to outfight him and flee. Sabretooth then manipulated Wolverine into finding her, after which she shared a romantic interlude with him. The Native showed Wolverine drawings that hinted at their past together, however Wolverine could not recall any of it. His attempts at communication were interrupted by soldiers from the Weapon X offshoot who immobilized him and capturing the Native, whom they brought to The Workshop facility in Montana. Sabretooth, having learned that his employers had intended to double-cross him, chose to help Wolverine in freeing the Native in order to avenge himself on his employers.

While in captivity, the Native was operated on by Doctor Vapor, who removed genetic material from her to be sold to other parties and discovered that the Native’s accelerated physiology had resulted in a pregnancy from her liaison with Wolverine. Arriving at The Workshop, Wolverine confronted Vapor whilst Sabretooth went to slay his employers. The Native killed Vapor and left with Wolverine, however the pair were watched by Sabretooth who promised to finish what he started. Tracking the couple, Sabretooth defeated Wolverine and subsequently killed the Native.




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