Nebulon the Celestial Man

UnrevealedNebulon the Celestial Man



Nebulon was a member of an extraterrestrial race known as the Ul'lula'ns. The Ul’lula’ns appeared as six-tentacled, finned, water-breathing non-humanoids, which had abused the mineral resources of their home world. The Ul'lula'n high officials sent explorers out into the universe in search of a new home world, which had the resources, to sustain their race. These explorers were known as prospectors, most of who were never identified, however, one of the prospectors was known as Nebulon. He possessed vast biosphere-tapping power, allowing him to assume other forms. Nebulon’s body assumed a golden humanoid form, once he neared star systems of vast humanoid populations.


(as humanoid) 6'2", (in true form)10'3"


(in both forms) 1150 lbs.


(as humanoid) white


(as humanoid) silver

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