Rodney (last name unrevealed)Negator



After years of working as a uranium miner, Rodney finally made it to the assistant of Stephen Edward Shields, President of Pacific Energy and Utility Corporation, only to find that the exposure to the unusually rich ore had ruined his health. Taking the name the Negator, Rodney had planned on destroying the nuclear industry.

As the Negator, Rodney contacted Mr. McClure of the environmental group called “People to Protect Out Environment” telling him that he could put a stop to the reactivation of the Diablo nuclear reactor from behind the scene. Mr. McClure decided to hire the Negator to stop the reactivation, unaware of the Negator’s true intentions. Stephen Edward Shields hired the Thing to guard the reactor and had Rodney fly the Thing out to the reactor. During the flight, the Negator sabotaged the airplane causing it to crash in hopes it would kill the Thing. However the Thing used his pilot skills and was able to escape death. The Thing then began to make his way to the power plant on his own and ran into the She-Hulk who ended up giving him a lift in her car.

After learning that the Negator’s tactics to stop the reactor included murder, he tried to put a stop to the contract. The Negator informed him it was too late to stop his plans of setting the reactor off and killed Mr. McClure. The Negator made his way to the Diablo reactor and used uranium rods to sabotage the reactor so when it started it would explode. His plans were put to a stop with the combined efforts of the She-Hulk and Thing and was taken into custody. His current whereabouts are unknown.









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