Nepthys (Sandahl Swarn)

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Sandahl Swarn was an employee of the Company until her branch went rogue due to experimenting on unwilling subjects with mind and body-altering chemicals to make them perfect agents. She remained off the grid until joining forces with the fanatical Knights of the Moon pretending to believe it was her destiny to engineer the next avatar for Khonshu, the Egyptian god of vengeance. Her real motivation was to lead a terrorist army with weaponry stolen from A.I.M., and at her side was her former lover, and brother to the current avatar Moon Knight, Randall Spector. Nepthys used pilfered hardware along with an ancient scroll to manufacture the Lunar Absorber, faked Randall's death and began experimenting on Randall to give him superhuman abilities. The process was a success, but Moon Knight and the Punisher were prepared to stop her no matter the cost. As brother battled brother Nepthys was about ambush and murder Moon Knight, ensuring the Knights of the Moon would become the world's foremost terrorist-for-hire organization, but the Punisher shot her dead.









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