Noir (Sa'ida Zebari)

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Sa'ida Zebari is an employee of an undisclosed Dark Force Project, apparently manipulating Darkforce energies, and at some point was exposed to them, gaining powers as a result. Her father, Muhammed Zebari was a former prison chaplain who founded the Penance Group; a private business seeking to take over prison security from the government. Muhammed was killed by Aryan prison gang Divine Right's leader Gerry Kammill, who then took the alias Joseph Duffy and placed himself as head of Penance Group, steadily replacing Penance Group's employees with Divine Right's members to control Ryker's Island penitentiary from the inside. Seeking to avenge her father, Sa'ida searched for his killer under the moniker Noir and had confrontations with Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand), who were investigating a separate matter involving Kammill. She somehow learned of Divine Right's activities, discovering Kammill was responsible for murdering her father. As Kammill fled from Power Man and Iron Fist, Noir hid in his helicopter until it flew over the water, heading to New Jersey, and then she shot him, leaving Kammill to fall into the river. Although Iron Fist wanted to arrest Noir for her crimes, Power Man convinced him not to as her powers were needed to help protect Manhattan.






Brown (as Sa'ida); solid white (as Noir)


Brown (as Sa'ida); black (as Noir)

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