When an enraged Ghost Rider staggered Doctor Strange with his potent Penance Stare, thinking him to be Lucifer in disguise, a heavenly vision appeared overhead. Ghost Rider mistook her for an angel, but Numecet was there as a friend to the good doctor.

Once it was clear to Ghost Rider that Numecet was not a threat, he began to question her about something Strange said to him before blacking out. Numecet did not want to involve herself in Ghost Rider's situation, but the Spirit of Vengeance didn't give her a choice. Numecet knew much of the dealings between Ghost Rider and Lucifer and seemed to have firsthand knowledge of the type of power Ghost Rider possessed, but it was the information about Lucifer's plan which was most beneficial. She explained that once Lucifer crossed over to the mortal plane, his body disintegrated into 666 pieces – each of which took over a human host body. His intention was to have each individual he possessed to be killed so his power would be evenly distributed into the surviving members. The process would continue until Lucifer could consolidate his form into one body and bring Hell on Earth.

Ghost Rider was unsure what that had to do with him, so Numecet warned how Lucifer needed him because only his abilities would be sufficient to destroy many of the bodies once they reached a certain might. Ghost Rider couldn't allow Lucifer to roam free and wreak havoc upon the Earth, and despite Numecet's protests, he vowed to destroy each host body and drag Lucifer back to Hell since he was the only one who could. She realized the sacrifice he would be making, but she could not sway, nor stop him from his decision, so Numecet began to cry. A single tear landed on the forehead of Doctor Strange, and it revived him instantly. When he asked her why she was crying, Numecet told him it was because Ghost Rider was right.








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