A cosmic being of chance, fate and existence itself, Numinus is a guiding force in the universe.



Knowing everything, having always been there, Numinus is the tapestry; she is a wonder. She is a cosmic being who empowers opportunity and chance.


A Universal Guiding Spirit

The awesome spirit of the universe known as Numinus intervenes in sticky situations as a benevolent being, helping those she appears to respect or those she wants to protect. She manifests herself to human Super Heroes known as the Power Pack and convinces them to return from whence they came. They had just left a space station housing survivors of Kymellia, a recently destroyed planet. Taking her advice, once they arrive at the space station, they save the Kymellians from an attack by the Queen Mother of Zz’nrk.


Cosmic Empowerment

While Numinus possesses cosmic powers, sometimes her powers don’t always do what she wants them to do. When she tries to attack an enemy, she gives them hiccups instead. With her powers, she can empower opportunity, wonder, and chance. She can also fly, project her cosmic energy, and create energy fields around others. 


Friends and Foes

Numinus helps the Power Pack, a group of adolescent Super Heroes, save the Kymellians from stagnation and extinction. Numinus also, despite going through a crisis herself, assists Groot in rescuing his friend, Rocket Raccoon. In doing so, she makes an enemy of the alien bounty hunter Eris, who shoots her in the stomach.


Across the Universe

When Numinus faced doubt, she sought out Groot, a guardian of the galaxy. She asked him if he thought the universe was worth it. She admitted to having a role in not only the creation of the Fantastic Four, but also in Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man and introducing him to Mary Jane Watson. But despite her desire to make lovely things in the universe, things went wrong, people died, fought and lost battles. In his own way of speaking, Groot responded to her with all the good things in the universe, such as Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, teaming up; Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, becoming Captain America; Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, and Susan Storm, AKA Invisible Woman having children; Spider-Men working together; the marriage of Jean-Paul Beaubier, AKA Northstar, to Kyle Jinadu; Jane Foster becoming the Mighty Thor, and the love between heroes! Afterward, Numinus was convinced that the universe was worth it. She then teamed up with Groot, a few Skrulls, and Mantron to rescue Rocket Raccoon from the alien bounty hunter Eris. When Eris destroyed Groot and captured his friends including Numinus, she used her cosmic powers which reanimated Groot quickly, giving her and those around her a chance at survival. 

When Eris attempted to torture the group, his technology shorted out. Numinus noticed and called it a hiccup. Though he had other ways of making them feel pain, but Groot saved the day and liberated his friends. They still had to face Eris who shot at Numinus which caused her pain, but she seemed to recover. Then Mantron shot himself and Eris out of the ship and into space where it self-destructed. Numinus gave the robot A.P.E., Eris’ personal army of one (who had turned sides during the rescue) a data disk with Mantron’s backup on it and apologized for their loss.