Nyko Halfghanaghan



The diminutive brothers Nyko and Pico Halfghanaghan where born in Sparta, Greece. Pico became involved with the time-traveling arms dealer Tolliver (Tyler Dayspring) and at some point he became Tolliver's right-hand man. Pico was responsible for guarding the mutant mercenary Domino (Neena Thurman), for more than a year, while the shape-shifter Copycat]] (Vanessa Carlyle impersonated Domino as a ploy to get close to her boss Cable (Nathan Summers) for Tolliver. Pico was eventually discovered by Cable and Copycat in a Sardinian Villa torturing Domino with an electric whip. When Pico confronted the interlopers Cable, unceremoniously shoot him in the head; Tolliver and Copycat's ex-boyfriend Deadpool (Wade Wilson), arrived moments later and in the ensuing conflict Pico was left for dead. Clinging hopelessly to his life, he was saved by Donald Pierce, who turned him into a cyborg. Not long after these events, Tolliver faked his death, leading mercenaries to target anyone that might have knowledge of his will. Although, he was not a former employee of Toliver's, Pico's brother Nyko was targeted, and fought off an attack in New Delhi, India. This prompted him to seek out the middleman Courier (Jacob Gavin, Jr.). Whom hired the Executive Elite to assassinate Deadpool, whom Nyko blamed for his brother's apparent death.




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