The man known only as Occulus lived in a dimensional plane existing between the subatomic particles of all matter, this place was called the Inniverse. He ruled an unnamed planet, that had survived a devastating war that completely destroyed its sister planet. The battle left crystal like debris that now circle the remaining planet. The planet continued to be hostile and at war. It was later discovered that certain people were born with an innate ability to use the crystals that fell from the sky as a power source. The Gem Guild was formed to train and nurture these special few.

The influence of the Guild grew until it ruled this forsaken world with ruthless abandon. While searching for those persons with the special gift to use the crystals, a pair of orphans was tested and one brother was spirited away by the Guild. The other brother, who would later be called Wild Blood, was discarded and separated from his family and forced to live as a daring thief. The other brother would be pampered by the Guild and influenced by the evil Dangor. Seeking to advance his powers the other brother plucked out his right eye and replaced it with a yellow crystal, hoping to achieve gem supremacy. This was the beginning of the age of Occulus.

Occulus would meet defiance and opposition from his brother Wild Blood, who would amass a formative rebel force. Searching for a way to augment his powers and alleviate the threat of the rebels Occulus kidnapped Sue Richards and her young son Franklin. Occulus had devised a plan to drain the latent powers from the young boy into his body as a means to become omnipotent. His plan was successful, but it caused doubt within his wife Landa, who felt that he should use the new powers to restore the planet to a place of beauty and peace.

Looking to free his family, Reed traveled to this tragic place bringing Jonny and Ben with him. They joined Wild Blood and the rebels and eventually freed Franklin and Sue,




290 lbs.


Black (right eye replaced by yellow gem stone)



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