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The complete history and origin of the man known as the Ogre remains to be revealed. His first known activity occurred early in the history of the X-Men, when Ogre was hired by the secret cabal known as Factor Three. Ogre (alongside a coerced hero, Banshee) was sent to capture the X-Men leader, Cyclops. When Ogre failed but escaped capture, he was instructed by Factor Three to return to one of their many hideaways-- at Mt. Charteris, Colorado.

The young mutant Sonny Baredo was then kidnapped by the villain team Factor Three and brought him to their headquarters in order to experiment on the extent and nature of his powers. Ogre spent the next few years studying Baredo as his powers developed to greater levels. When Baredo's full powers emerged at age eighteen, Ogre determined he was too dangerous to try to control. He placed him in cryogenic state and vowed to protect the boy in the hopes of redeeming his role in exacerbating his powers.

Much later, Factor Three reorganized and returned to their hideaway to find the Ogre still waiting for them. Ogre helped them with the details of daily life, and when Factor Three left to implement their latest plan, ordered Ogre to stay behind. However, Factor Three was defeated and never returned.

Ogre was forgotten. Ogre and Humus Sapien, as Baredo was referred to, remained in Factor Three's hideaway and remained hidden as other villainous teams took over the base for their own purposes, among them the racist Sons of the Serpent, the terrorists Hydra, a private army of madman August Masters, and the Masters of Evil. Ogre tried to make contact at various times, only to be fired upon, so he returned to hiding. Often, Ogre would take advantage of the machinery and complex systems around him to increase his knowledge of technology.

When the heroic Thunderbolts infiltrated the base to confront the Masters of Evil, the Ogre surreptitiously aided the heroes. The Ogre remained a hidden benefactor for the Thunderbolts when they appropriated the base after the Masters' defeat. The Thunderbolts finally confronted Ogre, and offered him a place by their side. Elated by his new-found role, Orge was accosted by the ex-Thunderbolt and villainous Techno. Techno assumed Ogre's identity and placed him in cryogenic storage.

Techno remained disguised as Ogre for many weeks, unbeknownst to the other Thunderbolts, until he was killed by the Thunderbolt's assassin, Scourge (secretly a government-controlled Nomad. Ogre was thus reawakened, and, finally deeming the headquarters too dangerous to risk Baredo's discovery, he fled into a hidden pocket dimension with Baredo's comatose body.

However, Techno's human counterpart, the Fixer (now a part of the team known as Redeemers), was researching Techno's activities, and stumbled across Ogre's tesseract dimension. In so doing, Fixer brought them both to Earth once more, freeing Baredo from his cryogenic storage in the process. Baredo's powers flared up, and his sympathy for the Earth led him to seek revenge on humankind. Ultimately, however, Baredo realized what his powers were doing to other people, and he returned to the Ogre and the Redeemers. The two teams hoped to open a stargate that would transport Baredo off-planet where his link to Earth would cease to cause harm. Baredo used his own power to fuel the stargate, and before he could disappear, Ogre jumped into the stargate with him, hoping to somehow make up for his past wrongs by staying alongside Humus Sapien.





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