Old Sam (of the Clear-Eye Shadow)

UnrevealedOld Sam



The history of the Clear-Eyed Shadow known as Old Sam remains a mystery. Old Sam appeared to be in search of the child that would rise up to save the planet of Sakaar. He appeared to have grasped the beliefs and myths of the wise old Shadow elders that a warrior would rise up to wield the Old Power, and save their people from the Empire. Old Sam had began this search years ago, when he trained a young Shadow by the name of Hiro-Amin. This young lad lacked confidence and concentration. He appeared to fear the awesome might of the Old Power. Old Sam would later sought out the son of Caiera the Oldstrong and the Hulk|Green Scar. He found young child in the radioactive swamps were he had befriended many of the creatures that lived there. The boy defeated the monsters and Wildebots that were native to this part of the planet. Old Sam convinced the boy to take a pilgrimage through the great desert to the Prophet Rock were he would receive the power of his birthright.









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