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Olivier claims to be a devil, having fallen from Heaven long ago. He has occasionally implied he is the Devil himself, although he is hardly the first demonic being to make such claims. Operating in New York as a shady businessman, stoker lived a decadent lifestyle profiting from varies voices. He watched as the angel Anielle fell to Earth, appearing as a fallen star from the heavens. Believing her to be the archangel Hanael, he intended to take her for himself. Father Miguel Bonavita, a Catholic Priest, and Tante Mattie, friend to Gambit of the New Orleans Theives Guild, also witnessed Anielle's arrival. As representatives of the Grigori, a secret sect allegedly descended from fallen angels and linked to organized religions, both Father Bonavita and Tante Mattie realized the significance of Anielle's presences on Earth. Bonavita suspected Anielle was ephemera, an angel of limited lifespan created for one purpose, and sent a young Priest named Brother Marcelo to find her.




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