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Nothing is known of Orikal's home world or the Universe from which he originates. He appeared one day from an extradimensional realm. Lost and bewildered, he was captured and imprisoned by Geirrodur, the Troll King. As fate would have it, Orikal's Achilles heal turned out to be the flames found in the Troll kingdom. It was these flames which formed his prison. Geirrodur figured out that Orikal possessed the Infinate Eye, which could see all that happens throughout time and space, and a mind that could nullify the power of Odin. He used that, along with Orikal's knowledge of advanced weaponry, to mount an attack against Odin and all of Asgard.

Geirrodur thought he had sidetracked Thor by ordering his men to kidnap Sif and sending Ulik to battle the thunder god. He even succeeded in stealing Mjolnir with the aid of the Orb of Orikal. Thor and Sif were able to overcome the odds and, following a short battle, defeated Geirrodur and his army of trolls. During the process, Thor was able to free Orikal from his prison of flames. Once freed he returned to his own realm, which caused all his war machines and weapons to cease working. Thor quickly forced the unconditional surrender of Geirrodur and his army. He and Sif returned to Asgard to celebrate with their fellow Asgardians.









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