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The young Princess Pearla resided in a realm known as Sub-Atomica on the planet of Mirwood, with her father the King. Pearla and her young friends frequently played and explored the Mines of Nuvidia, often creating their own magical adventures. After another failed battle with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom was sent to Sub-Atomica and found refuge on the planet of Mirwood. Due to his advanced technology he was looked upon as a wizard. Doom was able to befriend the young Pearla and her father. He soon persuaded the people of Mirwood to assist him in building a device that he used against them, by shrinking Pearla and the King down to the size of his fist. Unable to fight back the King proclaimed that Doom was the ruler of his realm.

Doom was eventually defeated by the Fantastic Four and her father regained his throne. After the death of her father, Pearla took the throne and ruled as Queen of Mirwood. She had managed to rule her kingdom peacefully by entering into peace agreements with her enemies. However, her good deeds meant nothing to the tyrant known as the Psycho-Man. He came an conquered all of the inhabitants of Mirwood except for her. This was due to the strange properties of her tiara, which is composed of the minerals from the Mines of Nuvidia. Helpless against the monstrous Psycho-Man, Pearla hid for months in the garbage of the slave pits. She was eventually rescued by the She-Hulk, who had replaced the the Thing as the fourth member of the Fantastic Four. She-Hulk was banded to the mines by the Psycho-Man, who was controlling her through fear, via his emotion control box. With the help of She-Hulk, Queen Pearla regained her throne and the Psycho-Man was defeated by the Invisible Woman, who took the emotion control box from him and used it against the monstrous tyrant.




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