In ancient times, the goddess Peliali was one of many worshipped by the Kamekeri tribe in the Central American nation known as Costa Verde. As time passed, missionaries brought Christianity to the Kamekeri and their gods left their tribe behind. The only goddess that remained was Peliali, who swore never to leave her home or people. Years later, a man began to study the old legends of Peliali and visited the mountains where she was said to reside. Despite criticism from the missionaries and others in his tribe, the man continued to visit Peliali's mountains until one day, he returned with a child that he had fathered with Peliali. The child grew up to become Silverclaw, who was raised knowing a prophecy that one day, a threat would come to the Kamekeri and only a child of the gods could stand against it. During her stay in the United States under the care of Edwin Jarvis, Silverclaw received a letter from the Kamekeri stating that the time had come for her to fulfill the prophecy. The Avengers soon agreed to help Silverclaw and it was not long until they had arrived in Costa Verde, only to find it under the control of Hyborian era sorcerer Kulan Gath. The Avengers soon discovered that Kulan Gath was after Peliali herself and the next morning, they found Peliali being attacked by Kulan Gath's priests, intent on capturing Peliali so that she could be sacrificed to prove Gath's worthiness to his gods. Despite the Avengers' efforts at trying to save Peliali, she was captured by the priests. Once the Avengers had been captured as well, Kulan Gath spilled Peliali's blood and began the incantations to summon his gods. While he was distracted, the Avengers managed to escape and Silverclaw identified herself to the Kamekeri as their fated protector, forcing them to face the goddess they had long ago shunned. With the belief of her followers strengthening her, Peliali broke Gath's spell. Now weakened once again, having used up the power she had absorbed from her followers, Peliali admitted to Silverclaw that the world had passed her by long ago. She then explained that while she regretted neglecting Silverclaw for all those years, she could move on like the other old gods now that she knew her daughter was the hero she was destined to be.









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