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Le Peregrine is France's winged costumed champion. He was among those heroes from around the world that were abducted by the alien Grandmaster to participate in his "Contest of Champions" against the being known as Death. Le Peregrine was pitted against another aerial combatant, Angel (now, Archangel), and although the two heroes were well matched, Angel was clearly more experienced and defeated Le Peregrine despite his martial arts skill.

Months later, Le Peregrine encountered the mercenary leader, Silver Sable, who asked him to become her French operative. Le Peregrine agreed and he has since completed several successful missions for Silver Sable International. A later mission allowed him to team up with Hawkeye, in which they destroyed a nuclear warhead detonator that had been appropriated by the Red Skull. In the process, they also rescued the Sandman, then one of Silver Sable's operatives.




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