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In 1602, Peter Parquagh was an odd, young man with an affinity for animals and arachnids that worked as Nicholas Fury’s assistant, and a servant of the Queen. Fury trained him in spycraft and matters of state, often assigning him to messenger errands when Peter wasn’t following him around. Peter setup the meeting place for Fury, as his master needed to hire the mercenary "devil," Matthew Murdoch. When Fury went off to Carlos Javier’s school to speak with him, the queen sent Peter to Virginia Dare’s rooms to bring her to Her Majesty. Virginia’s guard, the future Captain America, disguised as an Indian named Rojahz, nearly crushed Peter’s hand and later threatened him in order to force Peter to bring Rojahz along with Virginia to the queen’s presence; Peter reluctantly agreed.

On the way, Peter explained that his parents were dead, and that he was in the care of his Uncle Benjamin and his Aunt when Fury came to bring him into his service. Though he is resigned to being Fury’s successor, his real passion was creating and inventing, but he rarely got the chance. After Virginia’s audience with the queen, and the subsequent assassin attempt on Virginia’s life, Peter was again sent by his queen, this time to fetch the magician and physician, Dr. Strange. At Strange’s house, Peter admired a venomous spider that Dr. Strange kept; a gift from his long-lost friend, Sir Richard Reed, who disappeared after his voyage on the Fantastick.

Once Queen Elizabeth was murdered, Peter was sent by Fury to warn Javier and his witchbreed. Peter managed to convince Javier to give up to the new King’s men, and was later jailed for helping the traitor, Fury. King James let him out shortly afterwards, and offered him a job as his loyal servant. Peter accepted, and he was sent to the New World with the King’s man, Banner, to hunt down and recapture Fury. But after they had landed, Peter returned to the ship to find all the crew except Banner murdered by Fury, who kept his back turned to his protégé, offering his life to him. Peter snuck away instead, and again gave up a chance to kill Fury when he hesitated to pull a dog (that was actually the shape-changing Virginia Dare) off of Banner, ruining his chance to fire a crossbow bolt into an unaware Fury.

When the band of heroes from the Roanoke Colony patched up the hole in their universe and sent the future Captain America back, the resulting explosion of energy swept across the land. Banner threw himself in front of young Peter, protecting him from the blast, but it affected him as well, though Peter lost sight of him first. Peter continued to wander until he ran into Virginia again, and asked her if she had seen Banner. She hadn’t, and they walked away together, but not before a small spider bit the back of Peter’s hand; possibly the same spider that he had earlier admired in Doctor Strange’s house.









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