Previously succumbing to fits of rage, Pokerface murdered his wife and her lover, necessitating his departure from his home in Vietnam. On the ship to America, he was convinced others robbed him in a game of cards and sought to revenge himself by rigging the ship's boiler to detonate. The explosion drove a furnace poker through his brain, severing the area which processed emotion. Freed from that burden, he became the world’s greatest gambler and eventually opened his own undersea casino called Twilight Idol, employing several Heart-Club-Diamond attendants. In addition to gambling, Pokerface hosted an Auction of Silence where guests were forbidden to speak to prevent collusion between bidders, enforcing his rules with sonic dampeners. One of the items in his auction was the enchanted mask of Columbina, a member of the Commedia Dell'Morte assassin troupe; the mask was used in the murder of reformed villain Crime-Buster (Eugene Mason) and was later given to Pokerface by Aryan prison gang leader Gerry Kammill, but whether or not Pokerface had knowledge of the murder is unrevealed. Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand)'s investigation into Crime-Buster's killing led them to Twilight Idol, and Pokerface calculated they wanted to know who gave him the mask. Abducting Power Man to fight his Wild Cards (vagrants transformed into mindless killers through various hallucinogenic drugs), Pokerface bet Iron Fist how many opponents Power Man could defeat; if he lost, Iron Fist would reveal the location of his adopted home, K'un-Lun, and if he won, he would get the information he came for. Although Iron Fist won the wager, Pokerface tricked him into revealing K'un-Lun's location in the Himalayas and fled. Pokerface was intercepted by Power Man, who pulled the poker out of his head, leaving him in incredible pain. When the casino was accidentally flooded by Iron Fist during another battle, Pokerface was swept away by ocean waters.






Brown (right); missing left eye



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