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Ages ago Tyrant forged a vast empire encompassing whole galaxies. He was a ruler with a pitiless hand from a planet size fortress. His regime was not without its opponents. The most notable was a race of women warriors known as the Spinsterhood; they arose to resist his automotive armies. The Spinsters believed themselves responsible for his eventual defeat, and his retreat into uncharted space. In truth, his tyranny was halted by a force greater than any the Spinsterhood could muster. The architect of his downfall was Galactus. Tyrant is a being of great power, and even greater hungers.

When he returned from his exile, Tyrant went back to his old ways. He was quickly met with opposition. Among those who clashed with him were; the Silver Surfer and Gladiator, Praetor of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Morg and Terrax former Heralds of Galactus, Beta Ray Bill, usurper of Asgardian might, also the half breed Jack of Hearts and a revived Spinster (Ganymede) apparently the last of her kind. They were easily overcome. Yet Tyrant was again forced to withdraw due to the intervention of Galactus.

It has become apparent the relationship between the two is more complex and long standing than revealed. Tyrants holds Morg hostage. Galactus commands that he be released, but the command is not granted by Tyrant. The conflict ends in an uneasy stalemate. For reasons unknown Thanos of Titan chose to wage war against Tyrant. This conflict ended with Thanos barley escaping with his life and a very powerful cosmic sphere.


6’ 1”


225lbs (in battle suit) 305lbs





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