It was believed that Proctor, was an alternate version of the Black Knight. He was the leader of an Earth-922 Avengers. Proctor fell madly in love with the Eternal, Sersi, who made him her Gann Josin (the name for the life mate of an Eternal). Eventually Sersi grew bored with Proctor and left him, which drove him insane. Proctor was seduced by the blood curse of his Earth’s Ebony Blade. However, instead of resisting the curse like Dane Whitman of Earth-616, Proctor embraced the curse. Through the curse and his Gann Josin status, Proctor acquired immense powers. Sersi of Proctor's Earth was driven insane by him through their Gann Josin link, causing her to destroy the alternate Earth that she had called home.




190 lbs.


As the Gann Josin (lifemate) of an Eternal Proctor's eyes glow red and have no visible pupils.



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