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The daughter of an unnamed Asian woman and Eugene Milton Judd, the diminutive Canadian soldier-of-fortune turned super hero known as "Puck," Zuzha Yu demonstrated superhuman abilities extremely early in her life -- first speaking while still in her mother's womb. For reasons yet to be revealed, Judd was forced to abandon Zuzha when she was still a baby. Never learning the identity of her father, whom she never forgave for leaving her, Zuzha was raised in Canada and attended McGill University in downtown Montreal, Quebec.

Eventually expelled from college, Zuzha was forced to fend for herself and ultimately opened a tavern in the shadow of McGill University. Doubling as both bartender and bouncer, Zuzha would often use her skills to break up bar fights between college students and her local patrons. It was after one of these barroom brawls that Zuzha was approached by Dr. Walter Langowksi, the Canadian hero known as Sasquatch, and offered membership in a new incarnation of Alpha Flight. Although Zuzha initially refused the offer, she was compelled to join the fledgling team after losing a bet to Langkowski. In exchange for her cooperation, Langkowski promised to tell Zuzha his theories as to how she received her superhuman powers.

Code-named "Puck" and outfitted with a uniform constructed out of unstable molecules that adjust themselves where necessary, Zuzha was assembled alongside Sasquatch and four other Canadian heroes: Centennial (Rutherford Princeton, III), Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler, Jr.), Yukon Jack (Yukotujakzurjimozoata), and the enigmatic anarchist known only as "Nemesis." The mission of the new team was to rescue the original members of Alpha Flight, who had been captured by the Plodex, a race of aliens intent on conquering the universe. When the original members of Alpha Flight were finally freed from the subterranean Plodex hatchery, they decided to temporarily relocate to the restored Plodex homeworld in an attempt to raise the next generation of Plodex. Zuzha and her fellow recruits agreed to remain together as a team and keep Canada safe in the original Alpha Flight's absence.




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