Punisher (Joe Garrison)

Joe GarrisonPunisher

The Punisher is on a mission to save as many innocent lives as he can and get justice for all the victims lost along the way.



When his family is murdered, ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Joe Garrison resolves to hunt his family’s killer down and get justice for the innocent.


A Mission of Revenge

When his wife and children are murdered in their home in an explosion, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Joe Garrison becomes one of the chief suspects in an ongoing police investigation. Believing he was the intended target, Joe sets out to uncover the true killer—and exact his revenge.

With the help of his former handler, Triple-A, Joe narrows his search to terrorist-for-hire Sergei Federov, AKA the Sokovian. As Joe cuts a bloody path through the Sokovian’s criminal cohorts, he attracts the attention of the authorities and media, who dub him as the new Punisher. Joe finally tracks down his target, first defeating the hired muscle, the Super Villain Calvin Zabo, AKA Mister Hyde, and then finally killing the Sokovian. Joe sets out to continue his violent new mission.


Trained Agent

A trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Joe’s adept at handling firearms and experienced in both unarmed and armed combat. He wields S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry, including electrified antipersonnel batons, or Stunchuks. His suit is insulated and therefore protects him from the electric shocks. His firearms are all loaded with Reaper bullets, which all include a tracking sensor.


Super Villains

The Fearmaster and Jigsaw are some of Joe’s earliest enemies. In facing Fearmaster on multiple occasions, Joe builds up a tolerance to her toxins. Jigsaw is part of a larger organization of the same name that wishes to reshape their corrupt society. Jigsaw claims to own the police and control the levers of power across the globe.



Joe allies with his former S.H.I.E.L.D. handler, Triple-A, who aids him in his quest to get justice for his family and take down criminals. He also allies with the NYPD’s Detective Paul Linus, who helps him liberate Triple-A when she’s captured by villains.


Mission Report

Joe’s search led him to the stronghold of the Offer, a crime boss and information broker. In exchange for sparing the Offer’s life, Joe demanded information about his family’s murder. The Offer revealed that Joe’s late wife, a secretary who flagged suspicious payments to a mysterious source, was the true target of the hit. While the Offer didn’t know who ordered the hit, he provided Joe with an address linked to the culprit. Joe then severely injured the Offer but spared his life before setting out once more.

During his search, he came upon the Super Villain Fearmaster, whose twisted experiments were being funded by JIGSAW, the same organization responsible for the Garrisons’ murders. Fearmaster exposed him to her hallucinogenic toxins to scare him, but Joe defeated Fearmaster in a bloody battle and snapped her neck, but not before she killed one of the two detectives trailing him. In the middle of the fight, JIGSAW agents abducted Triple-A and threatened her life if Joe interfered with their plans to attack an upcoming Symkarian-Bagalian peace summit at Mosaic Tower. The other detective, Paul Linus, attempted to arrest Joe for the murder of his family, but Joe revealed Fearmaster’s experiments and the planned attack on the summit, making them allies.

JIGSAW agents led by Jigsaw himself arrived at the summit and released Fearmaster’s toxins. Everyone at the summit succumbed to the toxins, which unleashed a violent rage in each of them, though Joe had developed a tolerance to the toxins and remained stable. To incapacitate the summit attendees without killing them, Joe used stunchuks against their attacks. Their speed proved difficult to combat but he eventually shocked them all to the point of unconsciousness, only to be trapped by Jigsaw’s forces. Luckily, he had sent his ally Detective Paul Linus to liberate Triple-A and she hacked Jigsaw’s communication to send a piercing signal across their earpieces, allowing Joe to go after their leader, Jigsaw. In facing Jigsaw in armed combat, Joe was shot but soon accepted the name the media gave him and tackled Jigsaw through a window. Jigsaw landed on a sculpture that stabbed him through the chest, while Joe recovered on the ground and shot him to ensure Jigsaw wouldn’t survive.

He met up with Linus afterward, who brought him information about rumored Jigsaw activity, including serial killers, corrupt corporations, and super-assassins. Linus warned Joe that people would still be hunting him for the murder of his family. Joe reassured Linus that Triple-A had taken care of that by modifying the coroner’s archives to include his name in the bodies of the deceased. his perceived death provided the necessary cover for continuing his mission to serve justice to criminals while saving the innocent.



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