Purge (Unrevealed)




When Judge Elias Tomb was found to have ties to organized crime by Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich, he hired the hit man dubbed Purge to end Urich's life. Looking to break into the New York market, Purge soon found himself battling Phil Urich, in the guise of the Green Goblin, and Daredevil as they were trying to prevent the reporter’s untimely death. Using his martial arts skill and his deadly weapon in an attempt to eliminate the two heroes, Purge missed his chance at fulfilling his contract but claimed that his reputation would skyrocket if he were the man to take out Daredevil. Dismissing the Green Goblin as an amateur, Purge ignored him and was blown off their rooftop battlefield by a devastating pumpkin bomb thrown at his back. Falling to the street below, Purge was saved from a messy death by the Goblin who soon regretted his actions when Purge began to strangle him. Using a ledge from the nearby building, the Green Goblin stunned Purge unconscious by slamming him into it. Still fearing for the life his uncle, the Goblin delivered a message to Judge Tomb ensuring he would never endanger the life of Ben Urich again.

The current whereabouts of Purge are unknown.









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