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Rentaro NakadiQuiver



Rentaro Nakadi, known as Quiver, was a mutant outcast in the year 2099, looking for handout food credits with his fellow mutant, Sham, at the Theatre of Pain’s floodgate, when he grew nervous, causing a seismic shock with his mutant powers, and getting himself captured. Identified as a mutant, he was strapped to a vertical table and tortured in order for his adrenaline to be drained and sold to paying customers. But his friend Sham, after discovering his fate, escaped capture and freed him from the Theatre’s technician. Together, they headed to the building’s transport bay to find a speeder to hotwire and escape with. But they first collided with the X-Men’s Cerebra, who shrugged off Sham’s illusion. While Sham was distrustful of Cerebra, and believed that she was an agent of the Theatre, Quiver trusted her, seeing that she also didn’t belong there. So the three parted, and Quiver and Sham found an empty speeder, which they hotwired and Sham drove through a closing security door.

While outside, they faced a group of the Theatre’s security troopers, who were bent on returning them to the research labs. And when Sham used her illusions to distract them, they weren’t fooled, but the X-Men’s Meanstreak appeared in time to disable them and save Quiver and Sham. But when they explained that they were going back in, Quiver got scared and refused to step foot back in the Theatre, causing more seismic activity with his barely controlled powers. Though when the X-Men went in alone, Sham convinced Quiver to follow them in and help them against the mutant Zhao’s X-Men. Quiver used his seismic powers to shake Zhao’s One-Eyed Jack and force him to misfire his optic blasts, disabling his teammate, Psycho K. With the help of their old leader Xi’an Chi Xan, later shocked back out of his criminal mindset, the X-Men destroyed the Theatre and President Doom appeared and offered them Halo City, a refuge built for the Theatre's victims. When the X-Men traveled there, both Quiver and Sham joined them, happy to finally find a home.

Though only Sham joined the city’s security force, the Protectorate, Quiver remained with her at the city, until the approaching planetoid created a melting of the polar ice caps, flooding the world. Quiver and Sham both tried to push their way through the escaping citizens of Halo City to a remaining lifeboat, but were captured instead by Vulcann and Darkson, who bound them to a ship’s mast. Xi’an soon freed them, and they were dropped into the ocean. Eventually, both were saved from the waters, and were taken aboard the last ship out of Halo City, towards the single piece of dry land on the planet, Antarctica’s Savage Land.









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