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Rama Kaliph



Rama Kaliph was a powerful sorcerer and ally of Dr. Strange. He was served in Egypt by his apprentice, the adept Abu Ben Hakim. When Strange's foe Baron Mordo obtained power from the demonic Dormammu, Strange's mentor the Ancient One directed him to discover the secret of Eternity. Strange inquired after Eternity among many of his fellow mystics, but by the time he reached Kaliph, Mordo had beaten him there and cast a spell of silence over him to prevent his aiding Strange. When Mordo was ultimately defeated, Kaliph was released from the spell. During a later fight with Dormammu that threatened to engulf the entire Earth, Strange's disciple Clea contacted Kaliph for assistance, but he lacked the power needed to combat Dormammu. Nevertheless, Kaliph alerted other mystic allies of Dr. Strange, including Lord Julian Phyffe, Count Carezzi and Turhan Barim, and the foursome journeyed to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to rend what assistance they might offer. Rama Kaliph and Lord Phyffe remained at the Sanctum in the weeks that followed, doing their best to assist Strange against Eternity, and the duo saved Strange from a demon claiming to be Satan by performing an exorcism. Kaliph and Lord Phyffe ultimately left the Sanctum, and returned to their own matters. Some time later, Kaliph journeyed to Casablanca, Morocco to purchase a rare Assyrian artifact for his collection, but was struck down by an enchanted dagger wielded by the anti-mystic Silver Dagger. Strange arrived too late to save his friend, but retrieved the dagger from Rama Kaliph's body to aid him in ultimately halting Silver Dagger's killing spree.




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