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Brenda "Blackie" DragoRaptor



On Earth-982, Brenda's father was the Vulture, a costumed foe of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) who maintained his criminal career well into Brenda's childhood. Between her father's secretive lifestyle and her mother's alcoholism, Brenda learned to be self-reliant. As an adult, Brenda was convinced by her boyfriend Tony to follow her father's path, and he help her convert the Vulture technology into her own guise, Raptor. Brenda was uncertain about becoming a criminal, but Tony physically abused her to make her follow his orders. Raptor, dubbed "the Sky Bandit" by the media, began a crime spree in Manhattan. In one instance, Raptor dropped courier Theo Rudolpho fro several stories while stealing a case of gemstones from his cache; Rudolpho was crippled by the fall. Raptor's crime spree came to a halt by Spider-Girl (May Parker) and the Buzz (Jack Jamison), who turned her over to the authorities.




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