Razor (Fraternity of Raptors)




Awakened from his sixty-one century slumber by his fellow Raptor, Talon, Razor briefly inhabited the armor once worn by the Earth hero known as Darkhawk. Both the armor and amulet that's a direct link to it were designed specifically for Razor, so for all intents and purposes, Razor is a physical duplicate of Darkhawk – only with impure intentions.

Razor was unsure of what the universe had become in his absence, but Talon remained by his side to fill in the gaps, including the fact they were the only two active members of The Fraternity of Raptors left. Razor picked up where Darkhawk left off and helped Talon dispatch the forces of Catastrophus up to, and including, the Insect King himself. Still unsure what their business was in the Negative Zone, Razor's mission became clearer when he laid eyes on the Cosmic Control Rod. He and Talon seized the rod, even as Darkhawk fought to regain control over his armor, and traveled to the Negative Zone prison – once used to imprison those individuals with power who opposed the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act – and used the Cosmic Control Rod to strike a bargain with Blastaar. The savage king of the Negative Zone immediately turned on his benefactors, and fought them until the Cosmic Control Rod was wrested from his grasp. Razor and Talon convinced Blastaar to do their bidding and aid the mad emperor of the Shi'ar, Vulcan. Talon and Razor soon departed to carry out other objectives, leaving Razor in the midst of the Shi'ar people to carry out an assassination. Disguising himself as one of their kind to walk freely among them, Razor managed to creep close enough to Lilandra Neramani and shot her with a deadly laser blast at a time when she was about to take control of the Shi’ar away from Vulcan.

It was only after Razor seemingly completed his mission, Chris Powell, the Earth hero known as Darkhawk, fought his way back into the armor – expelling Razor once more.


6’1” (armored)


180lbs (armored)





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