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The young man known as Red Lotus appeared on the scene in Sydney, Australia after the assassination of his grandfather. He appeared to be the heir apparent of the Sydney Triad, and was under the tutelage of the man called the Examiner. Red Lotus defeated the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit and turned them over to the Examiner, who tried to frame them for the death of the Lotus' grandfather. The X-Men were in Sydney investigating the rash of assassinations of high profile crime figures. Red Lotus begin to question the methods of interrogation used by the Examiner. The Examiner used his unique talents to render Red Lotus unconscious, as he continued to torture Rogue and Gambit. Rogue manged to free her self and rescued both Gambit and Lotus.

Not long after those events Rogue and Sage also known ass Tessa, were under the influences of the Hellfire Club's leader Sebastian Shaw. Gambit convinced the young Red Lotus to rescue Sage from Shaw. Lotus engages Shaw in a violent confrontation, which test the smaller but quicker Lotus to the extreme limits of his abilities, however, he manages to get pass Shaw and frees Sage.

Red Lotus and Gambit eventually reveals to the Triad that they were being betrayed by the Examiner, who had devised a plan to take over the Sydney crime industries with Sebastian Shaw. Red Lotus continued to ally himself with the Gambit and the X-Treme X-Men, as they battle Khan and his alien invaders to defeat, and saved the planet.




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