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Rojohn SmytheRed Wolf



In the 24th Century, Rojohn Smythe is an archeologist who discovered the legenary planet of Talbos. He confirmed that a world wide war had been fought there between native Talbosians and invading Skrulls due to their remains on the lifeless planet. No Talbosian survived the war and Smythe continues his exploration of the area. He discovers an ancient temple and when he enters he sees the Ikonn, an immense statue representing the Talbosion's god. Fumes from the blazing brazier in the statue's hands filled the room and Smythe fell unconscious from the dense clouds of smoke. Then he heard a voice and a figure floated before him.

Hear us, Rojohn Smythe! We are the spirits of the Talbosian race! You shall be our instrument of vengeance! For three hundred years we have waited for a living form for our spirits to enter! We shall not know peace until your mission is completed--The destruction of the Skrull race! You shall become the embodiment of our god--The Red Wolf!

Smythe awoke hours later uncertain about what had happened and left Talbos as soon as possible. He has dreams about what happened at the temple which comes into being in reality. While at a refueling starstation, he senses that a Skrull is disguised as one of a group of administrators passing by him. Then the Talbosian spirits took control of Smythe's body and transforms him into the Red Wolf against his will and kills the disguised Skrull. The Red Wolf moves on and changes back to Smythe.

Rojohn Smythe arrives at starstaion Philord during a special welcome for union presidential candidate Parnal Banak. Suddenly Smythe, desperation in his face, transforms into the Red Wolf and kills Banak. While flying away, the Red Wolf is shot down by starstation security and Smythe is the one who lands on the ground. Security soon discover a Skrull corpse in Banak's place. Smythe is taken into custody and placed in a holding cell. Later, Smythe is joined by another fugitive, Hercules, Prince of Power, who had a warrant for disturbing the peace.

While in jail, Smythe tells Hercules about the Red Wolf when Skyppi, an ally and a Skrull (of course), shows up to break out Hercules. The rest is redundant but Smythe changes into the Red Wolf and attempts to kill the peace-loving Skyppi (hippie Skyppi?). Hercules intervenes but Red Wolf is adamant to kill the Skrull. Then Hercules imparts the Gift of Combat to the Red Wolf but eventually appeals to the nobility and honor of the Talbosians. Red Wolf no longer seeks Skyppi's death and Red Wolf and Hercules part as allies.

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