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M'GulaRock Python



A criminal from South Africa, Rock Python joined the Serpent Society as an agent of Viper's. However, after Viper abandoned the group, Rock Python stayed with the group after an initiation test which had him battle the Falcon and Battlestar. He also battled the X-Men, but quickly surrendered when his teammates were defeated.

While he voted not guilty during Diamondback's trial, he was later sent by King Cobra to wait at her apartment after she escaped her punishment. He was confronted by Captain America, but Rock Python was able to defeat the hero and dropped him from the roof of Diamondback's apartment building. However, he was ordered by King Cobra to leave the area immediately, and was unable to see if he had killed his enemy.

When Captain America put the rest of the Society in prison, Rock Python, Anaconda, and Puff Adder ambushed B.A.D. Girls, Inc., defeating and kidnapping the trio. However, MODAM appeared and threw Rock Python and Puff Adder out of the Serpent Saucer, putting them in the hospital. He has since recovered, serving with the Serpent Society on their most recent missions.




192 lbs.





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