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In the countless millennium before the dawn of mankind upon the planet Earth, there raged among the stars an imperious warlord, with an insatiable lust for carnage. He destroyed entire races and cultures among the galaxies. With his victims numbering in the billions. He came to be known by many names among the thousands of empires he had conquered.

Prince of Blood: his savagery in battle was but a prelude to his hedonistic rituals of eviscerating many of his victims and gorging on their flesh.

Prince of the Void: so called for the utter desolation left in his wake; relentlessly razing entire cities to smoldering husks.

The Dark Lord: finally defeated in a spectacular battle that raged for five hundred years, the bloodied prince fled to earth, a planet still in its infancy. It was there among the burgeoning clans and tribes of early man was worshiped as a God. He remained here in hiding from his galactic enemies and in need of life sustaining energy he fell victim to the withering power of the hydrogen bomb. Riddled with disease the once conqueror of the stars themselves struggled to defeat the plague that consumed his body. We came to know him as Rune.

During the “Black September” story arc Rune terrorized the Marvel universe. He tore apart and ate an alien symbiote of Venoms race gaining its powers. Battled both Annihilus and the Phoenix force in the negative Zone. Though the Phoenix Force (not having a host) did not provide much of a problem, Annihilus trapped Rune in a singularity when he attempt seize his Control Rod driving him mad.

Rune was forced to retreat back to his own dimension by the Silver Surfer after attempting to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos found a skeleton with fangs and wings with the Infinity gem embedded in it and is presumed that this was Rune and is now deceased.









Long black and flowing (Full when fed bald on top in his weakened state)

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