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Nelson Frank was cleaning up after a game at Shea stadium when happened upon a nondescript sack left in the men's room stall. Next to it was a pair of titanium gloves and the skeleton of a horned being. Not wanting to cause trouble, Nelson disposed of the skeleton and took the sack and gloves to his Brooklyn home where he left them in the living room. His mother knocked over the sack, allowing the creatures from another dimension to escape a portal within the sack. The creatures ate his mother before he figured out to put the gloves on and shove the "little bastards" back in. He used the creatures to get rid of a nosy neighbor, a nasty pizza deliveryman, a group of Girl Scouts and a couple of co-workers. He had a brainstorm to profit from the creatures and, as the Sack; he sought to rob Brooklyn First Federal Savings and Loans. Terrorizing the bank's patron’s and guards with the creatures, the Sack ran afoul of the mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson) during one of his heroics turns. The Sack threw the creatures upon Deadpool, but they were repulse by the mercenary's cancer ridden skin. Deadpool foiled the Sack's robbery by throwing a knife into his shoulder, causing him to drop the sack. Quickly retrieving it, Deadpool puts the sack over the Sack's head and shoulders, causing him to seemingly be devoured by the creatures. The current location of the Sack's sack is unknown.




161 lbs.





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